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Samstag, 8. April 2017

Illustrations by Jacey

Seit 2011 lesen Mitarbeiter des nature ihre Lieblingskurzgeschichte für den nature Podcast vor. Bisher wurden folgende Kurzgeschichten als Podcasts veröffentlicht:

» Fermis zookeepers by David Gullen (mp3)
» The last robot by S. L. Huang (mp3)

» ’Melissa by Troy Stieglitz (mp3)
» ’The sixth circle by J. W. Armstrong (mp3)
» Try Catch Throw’ by Andrew Neil Gray (mp3)
» Interdimensional trade benefits by Brian Trent (mp3)
» Revision theory by Blaize M. Kaye (mp3)
» <a href=" Memory Ward’ by Wendy Nikel (mp3)
» ‘Project Earth is leaving beta’ by J. W. Alden (mp3)
» ‘Choices, in sequential order’ by Karlo Yeager Rodríguez (mp3)
» Adjenia’ by Natalia Theodoridou (mp3)
» ‘Duck, duck, duck by Samantha Murray (mp3)
» ‘Beyond 550 astronomical units by Mike Brotherton (mp3)

» One slow step for man by S R Algernon (mp3)
» Staff meeting, as seen by the spam filter by Alex Shvartsman (mp3)
» Time Flies, by Carie Juettner (mp3)
» The Shoulder of Orion, by Eric Garside (mp3)
» Outpatient, by Dan Stout (mp3)
» Heart worm, by J. J. Roth (mp3)
» Tempus omnia revelat, by Tian Li (mp3)
» Bread of life, by Beth Cato (mp3)
» Perfection, by John Frizell (mp3)
» Good for something by Deborah Walker (mp3)
» The Descent of Man, by Christoph Weber (mp3)

» Missed Message, by Rachel Reddick (mp3)
» Ice and white roses, by Rebecca Birch (mp3)
» Dumpster Diving, by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro (mp3)
» The tiger waiting on the shore, by Paul Currion (mp3)
» The angle of the light on the bloodstained kitchen floor, by Matt Mikalatos (mp3)
» Benjy’s Birthday, by John Grant (mp3)
» Emancipation, by Joao Ramalho-Santos (mp3)
» Variations, by William Meikle (mp3)
» Pop-ups, by Robert Dawson (mp3)
» The stuff we don’t do, by Marissa Lingen (mp3)
» Coffee in end times, by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro and Alex Shvartsman
» Okami, by Grace Tang

» Sibyl, by Deborah Walker (mp3)
» Immeasurable, by H. E. Roulo (mp3)
» Deep Impressions, by John Gilbey (mp3)
» What Isn't, by Alex Shvartsman (mp3)
» Time Heals All Wounds, by Grace Tang (mp3)
» The Ostracons of Europa, by Ken Hinckley (mp3)
» Mortar Flowers, by Jessica May Lin (mp3)
» The Front Line, by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley (mp3)
» Survivors and Saviours, by Philip T. Starks (mp3)
» The Separatists, by KJ Kabza (mp3)
» A Gift of Pain, by V. G. Campen (mp3)
» To My Father, by David G. Blake (mp3)

» five contemporary sci-fi poems from the UK, as featured in the anthology Where Rockets Burn Through (mp3)
» Let Slip The Dogs, by William T. Vandemark (mp3)
» Temporal Ventures Robbed Me, by Scott C. Mikula (mp3)
» Communicant, by John Gilbey. (mp3)
» An Unsuitable Job for a Human, by Michael Haynes (mp3)
» 21st-Century Girl, by Adrian Tchaikovsky (mp3)
» Appropriate Response, by Jeff Samson (mp3)
» Monkeys, by Ken Liu (mp3)
» Knowledge, by John Frizell (mp3)
» Ghost in the Machine, by Grace Tang (mp3)

» Gifts of the Magi by Anatoly Belilovsky (mp3)
» What isn't Remembered by Hiromi Goto. (mp3)
» The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Panda by Jacey Bedford (mp3)
» Remember Yugoslavia? by Gareth D. Jones (mp3)
» Ovoids by Deborah Walker (mp3)
» An Easy Sale by Biren Shah (mp3)
» The 400th Futures story is published (mp3)

Dies ist der zweite Beitrag meiner Linksammlung zu Kurzgeschichten die im nature Journal veröffentlicht wurden. Links zu allen drei Beiträgen findet man im ersten Beitrag: Kostenlose SciFi Kurzgeschichten des Nature Journals

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